SWS System
SWS (Saito Washing System) is a system developed by the Japanese company Nihon Genryo, world leader in its field, whose exclusive representative for Italy and Switzerland is Amitec; this system greatly improves the performance of any type of sand filter already in operation, while providing significant cost savings for operation and maintenance.
The SWS system consists in applying a particular equipment to the existing filters (the number of units to be used depends on the size of the filter), and connecting it to the backwash cycle. The system, starting simultaneously to normal backwash, performs a deep mechanical cleaning of any single grains of sand, thanks to the presence of a particular screw, especially designed for size, angle and rotation speed to remove dirt from the surface of the sand grains, without breaking them.

Some remarkable advantages can be achieved thanks to this technology:
  • Significant reduction of backwash time, nearly reduced to 50%, saving energy consumption and use of clean water
  • Long life of the sand, without need of replacement for many years (depending on the type of the influent water), resulting in a significant cost saving, especially because it avoids the high cost of disposal and no downtime
  • Quality of the sand constantly maintained at an excellent level, so to ensure a high and constant quality of the filtered water
  • Easy installation on any type of sand or sand/anthracite filters, even of more layers

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Nihon Genryo