Chemical-physical treatments
Amitec provides a wide range of products for the different types of chemical-physical treatments generally present in water and waste water treatment plants. Among the most common chemical-physical treatments we have to remember the sedimentation (primary, secondary or after flocculation) and the filtration, in particular the one with pressure sand filters.

Sedimentation and hydrocarbons removal

Conventional sedimentation is gradually being replaced by lamella clarifiers, which allow high efficiencies in small spaces and are therefore recommended when the available land is limited or when an existing decanter has to withstand higher flow rates than those of the original design. The tube settler packs are generally fed from the bottom and the channels have different lengths and sections, according to the characteristics of the solids to be separated.
Very similar to the lamella clarifiers, the packs for the separation of hydrocarbons, are usually fed from above and are characterized by channels of smaller cross-section.
Amitec is able to offer the best solutions for each of these needs, thanks to the wide range of TUBEdek® tube settlers and oil separators of the GEA 2H.

Chain sludge Scrapers

For the collection of sludge in rectangular tanks of large dimensions, the chain sludge scrapers in plastic material are particularly suitable, due to their exceptional resistance to chemicals and the minimum required energy.
When the tanks are circular or square, the sludge can be effectively removed with centrally driven scrapers, which convey the sludge to the collection point, at the center of the tank.
Amitec provides for these solutions, the plastic chain systems of the Swedish Company VA Teknik, leader to the specific sector.

SWS system for sand filters backwash

The sand filtration is one of the most widely used systems in order to obtain high standards of water from different types of treatment plants. However, it is a system that offers considerable operating costs either for the periodic necessary backwashing, and for the replacement of worn and dirty sand, frequent event in some industrial categories.
The SWS system, developed by the Japanese company Nihon Genryo and applicable to any existing filters, allows for a cleaner sand, greatly prolonging the service life, improving performance and reducing operating costs.